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                • Specimen Collection Series

                • Medical Applicator

                • Tongue Depressor

                • Medical Face Mask

                • Alcohol Prep Pad

                • Medical Overall & Gown

                • Cervical Scraper

                • More Products

                Product display
                • 物理治疗

                • 口腔感染

                • 实验仪器

                Company profile
                Dalian Rongbang Medical Healthy Devices Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It is a medical products enterprise integrating production and sales. It has a registered capital of 30 million yuan and two production bases. It covers an area of 40,000 square meters and has 300 employees. Have its own professional engineering technology research and development team.
                We (Rongbang Medical) mainly produces medical mask, surgical mask, medical protective products, disposable protective suit series, medical swabs, disposable medical consumables, the products are mainly pure wood series such as tongue depressor, stick, various types of wood, medicine spoon, cervical scraper etc. Cotton series such as paper cotton swabs, plastic cotton swabs, polyester cotton swabs, polyester cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton sheets; with liquid products such as alcohol tablets, cotton balls, cotton pieces , Liquid products such as alcohol prep pads, Iodine volts prep pads, Lemon glycerin cotton swabs, Iodine volts cotton swabs, alcohol cotton swabs and other products. with wide product sales coverage and higher market recognition . 
                Qualification certificate
                • Business license - Rongbang medical

                • Medical device production license

                • Disinfection product production license

                • CE

                • ISO13485

                • FDA

                • White list

                • Japan - foreign manufacturer registration certificate

                • Russian registration certificate

                • Medical mask en14683-type II R

                R & D innovation
                RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT
                FROM PRODUCTION TO USE
                whole process quelity control quality service awareness system guarantee system
                • Latest developments

                • Company information

                • Industry news

                News Center
                • 最新动态

                • 黑马资讯

                • 行业新闻

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